Building the future space energy infrastructure

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SunCubes enables in space recharging to maximize your satellite performances.

Increase overall space energy efficiency

Decrease satellite production costs

Decrease total launched mass


Once our receiver is mounted on your satellite you can have both access to constant power supply for the whole life of your satellite or peak power supply for high energy demanding mission phases. In exchange, we ask for a variable or fixed fee depending on the case. Contact us for further informations.

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SunCubes is following a strict roadmap to reach its final goal of having a fully commercial constellation by 2030.

Ground prototype development and testing

from November 2021 to November 2022

Currently, a trade-off between various components is carried out, regarding the type of laser and receiver, the materials of which they are made of, as well as their shapes. The aim is to purchase the components in autumn. 

Technology miniaturization and in space testing

from November 2022 to September 2023

The main objective will shift to a prototype miniaturization to fit it into a satellite’s payload bay for in space testing. 

Satellite development

from November 2022 to September 2023

Development and standardization of SunCubes’ satellites

Constellation deployment

the first four SunCubes’ satellites will be operative in space by 2026 (capable of powering around 90 users' satellites), with the final goal of complete the constellation by 2030. 



SunCubes is currently developing technologies and procedures to reduce the intrinsic risk of the infrastructure. It is doing so by applying aeronautical standards and by developing new technologies.

Mitigate client risks

Reduce damaging risk to unknown objects passing through the laser