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Power Beaming

SunCubes' Power Beaming technology innovatively employs high-intensity laser light from a secure "transmitter" to enable safe, wireless energy transfer over considerable distances.
This precise line-of-sight system allows a versatile setup that can accommodate both stationary and mobile transmitters and receivers.

Embracing free-space power transmission, SunCubes effectively eliminates the need for physical power connections, thereby enhancing the, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of electrification processes.

This advancement allows users to operate in a broader range of environments securely, and unmanned vehicles to explore higher altitudes and longer distances without risk. The shift away from traditional power sources like generators, small engines, and batteries not only increases operational safety and capacity but also ensures freedom and mobility without the limitations and hazards associated with physical cables or tethering.

Some questions some answers

Is SunCubes' system safe for humans and the environment?

SunCubes' system is designed with multiple safeguards to prevent exposure of humans or animals to the power beam. The beam is highly directional and collimated, transmitting light exclusively between the generator and receiver, forming a confined cylindrical 'tube' of power that eliminates sidelobe concerns. Additionally, the GuardianBeam System encircles the antennas' periphery, encompassing the entire beam. It's capable of detecting any intrusion, such as birds, before they enter the beam, activating an immediate temporary power shut-down to prevent exposure. The power beam's density and the frequency utilized also contribute to safety.

What is the range of SunCubes’s technology?

SunCubes' innovative system is capable of beaming energy up to an impressive distance of 500 meters. This remarkable feat is achieved through the integration of a fine pointing mechanism, which boasts an exceptional pointing precision of up to 1 milliradian. This level of accuracy ensures that the energy beam is precisely directed, maintaining optimal alignment between the transmitter and receiver over the half-kilometer span.

What is the efficiency of SunCubes' technology?

At present, SunCubes' technology demonstrates notable efficiency levels across its various components. The receiver operates with an efficiency of 50%, effectively converting half of the received energy into usable power. Similarly, the laser component also operates at 45% efficiency.

Additionally, the technology performs exceptionally well under dry sky conditions, reaching an efficiency of 95%. This high level of efficiency under clear atmospheric conditions indicates that minimal energy is lost due to atmospheric interference.

When these efficiencies are combined and calculated for the entire system, SunCubes achieves a total system efficiency of around 21%. This figure represents the proportion of the initial electrical energy that is successfully transmitted and converted back into electrical power at the receiver end. While there is room for improvement, this 21% efficiency is a significant achievement in wireless power transfer technology, demonstrating SunCubes' commitment to advancing and refining their innovative system.