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Acceleration Energy Transition in all Industries

The Future is sustainable

We are accelerating electrification across all industries, by reducing the environmental impact associated with cable installation and shortening the installation time.

Power Earth

We design sustainable systems that are massively scalable—resulting in the greatest environmental benefit possible. Our energy transfer products are highly versatile to amplify their impact.

Meet The Team

Federico Ognibene

He is the CFO of the company. With a master in Managment Engineering at Politecnico di Milano he knows how to keep track of the company cash flow.

Alberto Chiozzi

CEO of the company. With a master in space engineering at Politecnico di Milano he envision a future where energy will be transfered wirelessly. He drives the team to reach that goal!

Tommaso Aresi

The CTO, who is at the helm of the technical team, is currently pursuing a PhD in Aerospace Engineering at Politecnico di Milano, guiding the team towards its technical objectives.

Angelo Lannutti

The work force, the COO with his space enginnering background at Politecnico di Milano drives the company to eastablish the entire partner network to develop its products.

Davide Russo

The CCO make the company external relations a reality. He has a master in space engineering at Politecnico di Milano.

Our Advisors

Michèle Lavagna

Principal Investigator and Project Manager of more than fifty research projects, for a total funding of approximately 6M€. She has many years of experience in the coordination, management and development of both research and industrial projects, always in the field of Space Engineering. Michèle Lavagna's research focuses primarily on the dynamics and control of space flight and on the space system engineering.

Dario Polli

Associate Professor of Physics, passionate researcher in photonics, spectroscopy, microscopy, ultrafast science and optical techniques (>100 scientific papers publishes, 5000 citations, H-index of 35), team and project leader (head of a research group of 10 people, >5M€ research funds). Fascinated by the technological transfer he is co-founder at NIREOS and SPECTO Photonics, two start-up companies working in the Photonics Industry.

Pierluigi Di Lizia

Currently Associate Professor of Aerospace Mechanics and Spacecraft Guidance and Navigation at the Department of Aerospace Science and Technology of Politecnico di Milano. He has gained more than 10 years’ experience on space situational awareness, spacecraft guidance and navigation, and astrodynamics in general, thanks to his contributions in projects and missions with national and international entities, as well as his involvement as co-founder of the company Dinamica S.r.l. He is co-author of more than 200 publications. He is part of the Italian delegation to the Inter-Agency Space Debris Coordination Committee, and he is governmental expert for the CapTech Space of the European Defense Agency. 

Mariano Troccoli

Recognized professional and deep-tech entrepreneur/executive with over 20yrs of experience in the field of Photonic devices and laser-based sensing and diagnostic systems. Produced extensive high-end research on the development of new infrared technologies, and contributed to their commercialization and business development. Led several innovations and generated multiple patents and publications - including prestigious reviews such as Science, Nature, and book chapters.

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